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P h o t o g r a p h y   C o n s u l t a t i o n

Photography is known to act as a 1000 words. The initial impact of a photograph can make or break the product on display. A photograph can tell the consumer immediately the status of a company. Today within this digital age, decent photography is far more important than in previous years with less foot fall on the high street, it is used as a shop window on Social Media and on websites. Many clients have all the gear but no idea and employing a photographer every time a product changes can be very expensive.

Well let me help you get to grips with the possibilities that quality in-house photography can offer, from assisting you with the tools and confidence to create product photography and Social Media story telling,  internal reports and staff enhancement.  Contact me for my day rates and availability.

S t r e e t   P h o t o g r a p h y    W a l k s  –  L o n d o n  &  O x f o r d  

I utterly adore walking around beautiful cities in the sunshine or rain and have chosen London and Oxford to create my photographic workshops. The architecture, people, cars in Mayfair, the atmosphere of history and cinematic stories – all stop me in my tracks. I have organised another set of workshops that allow a mild 2 mile walk to take all day. In London, we start at the Leica Coffee shop on Bruton Place and walk all over Mayfair and the surrounding environments, back to either the Leica Coffee shop or just, meander somewhere else, through some of London’s most gorgeous and ingenious architecture, there are photos waiting to happen, always with a good cup of tea at the end to discuss the day of photography.

In Oxford we start the Bodleian Library Cafe  (Benugo) and then see where our lenses take us. often peeping into College squares, mainly looking up at the spires, and squeaking through the hustling lanes full of students on Bicycles. We end up with a good cup of tea somewhere and discuss the day’s stolen scenes.

Join me on one of these walks and find out more about your camera, your eyes and feast your mind. All workshops start at 10.00 am and end at 16.00 pm.  All workshops limited to 6 people so early booking is advised (often with an early bird discount) as they get booked up as soon as I Tweet about them.

Bookings are via Eventbrite, allowing payments and tickets to be simple for everyone. If you would like personal Tuition, scroll down to the buttons to book some delightful hours with me.

S t r e e t   P h o t o g r a p h y    W a l k s  –  L o n d o n  &  O x f o r d:

Summer workshops to be announced soon…

P e r s o n a l   T u i t i o n 

I can help you improve your photography skills using your eye and your camera. Please contact me for personal Photographic Tuition and to find out when I am holding Photographic workshops or classes


One to One Tuition
One to One Tuition
One to One photographic Tuition with award winning Photographer and Leica Ambassador, Lara Platman. In London, Cotswolds or at your place of choosing. Minimum 2 hours at £50.00 per hour. Travel to London and Cotswold is included, however other locations will incur travel expenses. Suitable for beginners or as a refresher. This personal tution will help you take the perfect photograph. You will learn to effectively utilize the different settings on your camera so that you can create stunning photographs. You will be taught how to control light and composition, learn the rule of thirds and perfect angles. By following simple photographic rules it will make your photography fun and exciting. Once you have gained these skills and knowledge, you will be able to continue to develop your photographic skills on your own! Throughout the session Lara will guide you through a series of photographic briefs to help you advance your skills, from reflections and interiors to panoramic and detail. Lara will encourage you to capture images from many unusual angles in order to create a unique portfolio of photographs.
One to One Tuition add-on
One to One Tuition add-on
An hour tuition to compliment the minimum of two hours tuition, or a perfect gift voucher for someone to help them out.

W o r k s h o p s   a t   t h e   B r i t i s h   M o t o r   M u s e u m  

Bookings for 7th and 8th of October 2018 sessions now being taken.

Please click here to contact the British Motor Museum to book the workshops

Please contact me for personal Photographic Tuition and to find out when I am holding Photographic workshops or classes.

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