Back up! …please

I have just cleared out my laptop and backed up my hard drives. My computer is ready for a new year of shooting and editing of a  high volume of Leica images and Kodak videos. I have also learnt in the past day how to Embed videos, use basic HTML code and figure out how to format just SOME of a lazy hard drive.

My message to you all; “PLEASE BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS, HARD DRIVES AND SPARE HARD DRIVES TODAY” Old hard drives are OLD for a reason… they deteriorate. If you can think about upgrading to the newer RAID systems, this might be a good thing. I am using one Drobo and hope to purchase another soon… for me this system seems to be working. If this is all too technical for some of you…. I found this whilst I was  doing my spring clean and I think this ought to make you come back down to earth!

(I shot the photos of course)

Perhaps I might tempt you with the theme tune to go with it?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert photos on the Wright Stuff
Ce Ce Penniston–Finally from the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert