Clifford Chambers Apple Harvest

Village life is not complete without a fete and perhaps, a murder! (or am I thinking Marple or Midsummer). Today is the Clifford Chambers Apple Harvest and realised I best pen a report before the Scrumpy kicks in.

I walked with the apple on my head around the post and back, I guessed how many apples in the basket, I guessed how many types of cider apple are grown in this country, I tested 5 different local apple juices, I drank the cloudy (very cloudy) Scrumpy (still sitting here beside me, I am rather terrified to complete the plastic glass) and I bought a huge bunch of chicken feed greenery with a few tiny carrots hidden at the end.  I met Alex, Jean and Sue, sat next to a thespian (could name drop here but will just allow you to imagine who it could be, seeing as I am in the village next to Stratford’s Globe) whilst discussing wet walnuts and finally enjoyed the arrival of the travelling Morris dancers (from Chester?).

Yes all we need now is a murder.

Please enjoy the terribly fashionable Heddington Dance:

The terribly fashionable Heddington Dance at Clifford Chambers