Happy 100th Birthday Grandma Jean

Grandma Jean's 100 Birthday Party 17th June 2014Yesterday, Tuesday June 17th 2014 was the 100th birthday of my Grandma Jean.  We had a glorious afternoon and I took a few photos… and popped them onto Twitter… and today the WHOLE of the country knows about my Grandma and her birthday because the British Monarchy Twitter account retweeted it! I haven’t started to explain this to my Grandma yet.. as she is munching in to more birthday cake for day 2 of her 5 day long party fest. She however, does know about ‘Flitter’ as she calls it, so I do have a head start.

I love you Grandma Jean and well done for reaching 100.

A cousin asked her “how did you do it Jean?” my grandma replied, “It’s easy, just remember to breathe.”

British Monarchymoonpig