Making Babies

On asking a friend of mine what she was up to this evening, she replied with great gusto, “Making babies”. Although I completely understand her excitement on this matter, I found it hard to respond to such a sentence. For it is I, who is now in the ‘wilderness’ that my friend had travelled upon for some time and it is I who does not have a partner, someone to witness my life or I their’s. I am not making babies.

Instead, I have become attached to tinterweb devices such as Facebook and Twitter, mechanisms that provide an illusion that you have an appropriate number of friends or followers. I spend half my time blocking certain Twitter followers whilst I know others revel in the account of popularity by numbers. A good plan if you are marketing a commercial product or investing your time to be the next XFactor. But on looking at other Twitter sites and their followers, they are filled with spamheads, slowly collecting information about your Tweets to eventually strike and attack your new holy bible..the computer.

My baby making friend certainly got me thinking though. How much time is appropriate on these websites, if like me,  one is simply chit chatting and airing the day’s missives? When, perhaps I ought to be at my favourite watering hole, dance or sports venue, out there, pluming my feathers like a peacock, awaiting prey for the new season of homely comforts of winter.

An almost 40 something, female, freelance creative, such as myself, already has an extremely difficult time of finding new friends, let alone a new beau and to sit behind closed doors I wonder if I am rather putting my social life on hold by the tinterweb?

I have however, made a few new special web ‘friends’ on Twitter and Facebook and I wonder then if this is the new social life for me?  God I hope not, I hope that I don’t become one of those cyber freaks we all hear about.  No, I am off out right after this posting, to plume, promenade and pluck!

There are a few ingenious delights on the Internet for nosy journos like myself. Endless research facilities (Now there is something that certainly stops the social life from beginning). I have looked ‘around’ my new friends and have discovered personal and public information. I wonder if they have done the same, I wonder if their nosy Google antics are up to scratch? What is there out there about me?  A five hour search revealed some rather interesting truths and untruths about me. Which of course, the only true fact, is that it is the same for everyone.

I may not be making babies this evening, nor for that matter tomorrow evening, but when I am ready try the  plume, promenade and pluck scenario, I will have the knowledge that if it all goes wrong I can come home and have a good old Twitter with some new friends.