For months now I have been using the ThinkTankphoto ‘Airport TakeOff’ camera bag/ back pack/ suitcase. However, for months now I have also been using my old Billingham bags and have alternated quite happily between the two depending on occasion or shoot.

Both bags serve me fantastically, but tomorrow I am on a shoot where I will be walking to the venue and must carry my Hasselblad kit and my Leica M9 kit. That all being told makes it a very heavy bag. Since my Silver Fox scooter (RIP) is now deceased and no more, I am walking. Therefore will need to use the roller suitcase facility on the ‘TakeOff’.

This is the first time that I have had to put both kits in the ‘TakeOff’ and what fun I had this morning swapping all the foams around.

thinktank2  thinktank3

When you have all your kit out in one bag you soon realise the most important things are missing… Camera backs…….and film…..

thinktank4  thinktank1

I will write a full report on this remarkable bag in January, when I will be taking the ‘TakeOff’ to it’s limits on a car rally in the mountains above Monte Carlo, but for now, just a little walk into Mayfair to complete my publication on Harris Tweed.



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