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Pendine Sands Flag at the start Line: Shot on Leica M6 with Kodak Kodak Cine Vision 3 Stills 250d film.

I first learnt of the history of the speed trials at Pendine Sands whilst researching my radio drama about the Honourable Mrs Victor Bruce who, was great friends with Sir Malcolm Campbell and whilst Mildred (Bruce) was driving to become the first woman to win the Monte Carlo Rally in January 1927, Campbell was attempting to regain his record at Pendine.

In September 1924 Campbell made the first World Land Speed record attempt in his 350hp Sunbeam Bluebird with a new record of 146.16 mph for the measured mile.  Parry Thomas in October 1925 attempted with his car Babs, complete with a 27litre Liberty aeroplane engine under the bonnet.  Campbell returned in February 1927 with the Napier Campbell 12 Cylinder Bluebird and regained the record with a speed of 174.22 mph.   Parry Thomas returned with Babs to get the record back, however fatally crashed on 3rd March 1927, and this seemed to end the World Land Speed records at Pendine. Record attempts moved to Daytona where speeds of 200mph could be achieved.

Another trailblazer was Amy Johnson who, in 1933 with her husband, Jim Mollison, took off from Pendine Sands in a De Havilland DH 84 Dragon G-ACCV ‘Seafarer’ to fly non-stop to New York. Blown off course, they landed down-wind in the dark at Bridgeport, Connecticut after flying for 39 hours over a distance of 3,300 miles at an average speed of 85 mph, overshot, and were both seriously injured in the crash.

Here we see the start flag of the Vintage Hot Rod Association return to the beach for their annual speed races.

Limited Edition, hand print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta 315gsm 100% Cotton White High Gloss mounted under acid free card.

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