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Flying High                                                                     Land Rover Monthly, February 2019
Morning Light of Venice                                          Black and White Photography, September 2018
Goodwood Revival 2018                                        Classic Car Weekly, September 2018
Big Red: A True Love Affair                                   Land Rover Monthly, Winter 2018
Goodwood Revival 2016                                         Classic Car Weekly, September 2016
The Leica M240                                                            Professional Photography June 2016
Goodwood Revival 2015                                         Classic Car Weekly, September 2015
Kuwait Concours d’Elegance 2015                    Classic Car Weekly, February 2015
This Sporting Life – N24hr Porsche                    Black + White, November 2014
Grand Prix de Monaco Historic 2014                Classic Cars, May 2014
Kuwait Concourse d’elegance 2012                  Classic Cars, February 2012
Grand Prix de Monaco Historic 2012                Classic Cars, May 2012 

P u b l i s h e d   O n – l i n e

Dave Thorpe off Road School                         Honda Engine Room September 2019
Return of the Speed Queens                          The Frank Magazine August/Sept 2019
Seven Years, twenty countries no plan           The Frank Magazine June/July 2019
Top of the Peake                                             The Frank Magazine April/May 2019
Isle Of Man TT – Behind the Scenes               Amuse Vice March 2019
Motorbike Gear Essentials                               Amuse Vice February 2019
Motorcycle Live 2018                                       Wheels for Women November 2018
A mature search for style                                 Grey Fox Blog May 2018
Photography With a Passion                            Billingham Bags Dec 2017
Act Now Against Motor Sport Threat                Guild of Motoring Writers  Oct 2017
Best Reasons for Riding a Bike                        Wheels for Women  July 2017
Rallye Des Princesses                                      Classic Driver  June 2016
Grid Girls                                                           Leica Fotografie International  May 2016
The Leica Camera Blog                                     Various dates
Wheels for Woman                                            April 2013
Racing Is a Girl Thing                                        Zuto, June 2014
Le Mans 24hr Photographer Diary                    Sidepodcast April 2014

Huffington Post – Index 

Chatting to Freddie Hunt                                   August 2016 (Silverstone Classic)
Tercentenary of Capability Brown                     July 2016 (Capability Brown at Heveningham Hall)
Glamping – the Epitome of Cool                        May 2016 (Rolls Royce Wraith & Outwell Tents)
I Have Gone a Bit Off Piste                               April 2016 (Range Rove Evoque Convertible)
Does My Bum Look Big in This?                       March 2016 (JLR Connected Technology/Car Stories)
Vogue 100 A Century of Style                           March 2016   (Vogue exhibit at NPG)

As slow as possible as fast as neccessary       October 2015 (Land Rover)
Double Bubble with the Renault Kadjar            July 2015   (Renault Kadjar)
A Love Story In D Major                                                  July 2015   (Landrover/Jaguar)
Smart thinking with the Twingo                                   April 2015   (Renault Twingo)
Tea with Rauno Aaltonen                                               March 2015   (Goodwood Revival)
The McLaren 675lt Shines                                            February 2015  (McLaren 675lt)
Doris the Goddess of Wind                                           January 2015   (VW California & Ford Transit)

The Art of the Blue Flag                                                 November 2014   (marshalling practice)
The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire                   October 2014       (Jaguar F Type )
The magic of the Audi A1                                              September 2014  (Audi A1)
Go and practice somewhere else                              August 2014   (Monaco Grand Prix Historic)
Goodwood 72 & Festival of Speed                         July 2014       (Goodwood)
The Green Hell Nurburgring 24 hours                    June 2014      (Porsche & N24 hour race)
The Jaguar F type Project 7                                        June 2014       (Jaguar F Type project 7)
The Longest Day                                                               June 2014      (Madame Gondree)
Going dotty with a Plug-in Hybrid                     June 2014 (Toyota, Ford & Volvo)
Free Wheel and Grip with Confidence                  April 2014   (Landrover old and new)
Sitting Comfortably at the Geneva Motor Show  March 2014 (Bridge of Weir)
Being Seriously Cool with Nick Mason             March 2014 (Zircotec)
Rubber Necking with the Maidens                    February 2014 (woman Go Kart team)
Ladies of the Monte Carlo Rally                               January 2014 (Woman drivers)

Older Articles Listed on Journalisted                 Previous to 2014

c o n t r i b u t i n g   p h o t o g r a p h e r   i n    b o o k s 

Schon Schnell – Woman and Formula One       May 2014
J Cadbury Brown – Royal Academy of Art           June 2011
LS Lowry -The art and the artist                               June 2011
Tudors and Stuarts in Britain                                      June 2011

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