Consultancy and Training

P h o t o g r a p h i c   C o n s u l t a n t   a n d   P e r s o n a l  T u t o r 

I teach photography to private clients as well as consult within corporate environments to enhance the company branding. Sessions are on Zoom and now with Social Distancing Practice- at your place of work.

Photography is known to act as a 1000 words. The initial impact of a photograph can make or break the product on display. A photograph can tell the consumer immediately the status of a company. Today post Lockdown, our new digital age of photography, is far more important than in previous years with less foot fall on the high street, it is used as a shop window on Social Media and on websites. Many clients have all the gear but no idea or employing a photographer every time a product changes can be very expensive.

Let me help you get to grips with the possibilities that quality in-house photography can offer, from assisting you with the tools and confidence to create product photography and Social Media story telling,  internal reports and staff enhancement.  Contact me for my day rates and availability. Please take a look at my Testimonials page for comments about my training sessions.

P e r s o n a l   T u i t i o n 

Now that we live in a physical distancing world, I have started teaching photography  on-line. As a Leica Ambassador I am able to help you utilise your Leica camera (along with other branded cameras of course), learn editing and cataloguing skills on Lightroom.  My digital classes work via Zoom and are an hour each.  Please contact me for personal Photographic Tuition.

c o s t
One Hour class @ £50.00
5 hour classes – paid up front  – classes can be spread out @ £225.00
10 hour Classes – paid up front  – classes can be spread out @ £450.00



Corporate Case Study

P h o t o g r a p h i c  C o n s u l t a n t   f o r   P o r s c h e   G B  

For the two past years I have worked with Porsche GB training their used car Sales Execs, Valets,  Progress Chasers and the occasional Centre Principle, to understand how to photograph the beauty of the car. From where to stand and how to stand or crawl inside, to what equipment is required in order to compete with today’s professional photographers. Each used car centre uses their own staff to take the photograph and not a professional hired in photographer, it is vital for each person to create a substantial portfolio of the car in order to place it on the internet to sell. From my training the front page of the website for used cars now shows the same angle and easy to compare imagery.  With consumers taking one week less to decide on the actual car, and without the usual walk through of the car marts, 68% of car purchases are decided on line, the digital front page is a key element to my consultation.

d e t a i l s

  • With half a day research of the needs of the brand, what equipment is currently being utilised, I am able to recommend a suitable camera that will take the company into the near future.
  • The following consultation can take place over one day at each centre.
  • Explain the basics of photography and get the student to a level of understanding aperture, shutter speed, focusing points, light and composition.
  • Upskill the student from using basic camera equipment to more advanced.
  • Upskill the student from using automatic functionality to fully Manual features on the camera.
  • Explain how to find the beauty in any subject matter.
  • Inspire a new creativity and confidence from the workforce using the new photographic tools learnt in the day.
  • Perfect number of students in one day, 2-3, to establish dedicated training time.

c o s t
Initial meeting/ research into the location of photograph/ equipment they have and / or  require @ £500.00 + travel exp
One day Consultation at centre @ £800.00 + travel exp
Half day Consultation digital on-line @ £200.00


I am also starting to create photographic tutorials online. If you would like to help support me with these then click on this link. [kofi]


Please contact me for personal Photographic Tuition and to find out when I am holding Photographic workshops or classes.

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