Goodwood Revival 2011

If ever the phrase ‘in abundance’ was to be used it would be today here at Goodwood Revival. Lord March once again has struck his deal with God and the British weather provides glorious blue skies, where middle aged men are prodded by their wives with suntan lotion. Spitfires fly low and Maserati Birdcages roar round the circuit. Woman look gorgeous in their vintage (literally 1940’s and none of this 1980’s is retro idea), and gentleman revert to raising their seats when a lady leaves the table.  This is a time gone past, something the delicate playground that Lord March provides. This is the playground that my friends and I enjoy so.

Goodwood Revival 2011

This is also the day my book Harris Tweed is released (officially) to the public domain and this is the day I run out of my small allocation, by selling my eight books twice over.

“Gosh, you shoot portraits too” some shriek. “So This is what you get up to during the week, I did often wonder and worry about you Lara” say others. They worry? do I seem to hide my passions of the world, my passions of ensuring that new audiences see professions unknown to them? they worry that I do not disclose my ‘day ’job’ ? And others  wearing their tweeds, look at me, look at the book and get their cash out before asking how much. They want to support me through and though. My friends here at Goodwood are an extension of Lord March’s hospitality – like being at a friend’s wedding, where, everyone is a friend.

Goodwood Revival 2011

Dinner tonight as per usual at the Royal Oak, unplanned and un-booked but Charles the manager always finds me a table. … A table for 6 please tonight Charles. I sit with my friends who, are racing tomorrow and I must watch their every move with the Leica.

I return to download 6GB of photos. 6GB! Goodwood, you make me shoot 6GB – WITHOUT TRYING!

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