Big Red wins the day

Are you ready for a bedtime story? here goes…

Today I had planned to take my father’s Renault van to the repair garage as the diesel pump had the valve not working properly. So in order to start the van someone needed to pump the rubber pump and keep the valve flowing the right way for the fuel whilst the other person starts the ignition. At lunch time when the proposed trip was to be, there was no one around – so instead of my father meeting me at the garage to bring me home, he came double the distance to my house. He pumped I started the ignition. All good. Except now his Kia car wouldn’t start. All the lights were on but no one was at home. So luckily my mother came for the ride and we decided to get the van to the repair garage whilst my mother awaited the recovery vehicle for their car and I would bring my father home in Big Red.

He had previously said “never again” after getting out of her. Anyway. needs must. We got home to find the recovery vehicle man telling my mother that we needed to get the car towed to a garage.

They both looked at me then at Big Red then at me and we all started laughing. My mother with a roller/ two walking sticks said loudly “I’ve just had reflexology I’ll need Physio” My father said “I have just got out of it I am not getting back in.”

The recovery tow is coming to mine tomorrow and today I began to drive them home.

“We’ll need to stop for dinner and a whisky” said my father” as I watched him grab hold of my mother’s hand. We stopped for dinner where my mother promptly told the waitress “with the driver’s door flinging open and the passenger door about to, we need pudding with custard.”

They got home and I returned to mine. My mother said, “I used to drive the A35 van with flapping wings so I appreciate your wayward doors.”
An afternoon to remember. They love how I love Big Red. The only car working of the family fleet.
The end.