Can Women race in Formula 1?

This week my eyes keep reading stories and comments about women racing drivers. Whilst I do not wish to make a comment here I am in fact writing a book about the whole subject called Girl Racers. So I thought I would simply collect together the comments and stories so far – mainly for my own reference actually!

If you find more stories, articles videos etc.. please pop them in the comments below as I would love to see them – whatever you find.  I would like to read all sides of the story, but for now here are the links I have gathered together this week.


This week there is so many conversations going around after Sir Stirling Moss made his comment about how he didn’t think women had the mental aptitude or strength to race in Formula 1

Sir Stirling Moss makes his comment and Suzie Wolff replies on the video:

Zoe Wenham (who will be in this book) discusses why she thinks Sir Stirling Moss is mistaken

Bietske Visser is signed to Red Bull Junior team:

Suzie Wolff documentary: Suzie is the new Williams F1 Test Driver:

A general piece about an elderly lady motoriste:  (nothing to do with the comments this week but I love the video)

A comment piece by Nancy Atkinson Turner – who works in the luxury motoring industry


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