Drivetribe – an open letter

Something has been bothering me of late so I thought I would take the bull by the horns and let you all know.


Please see  T&C below (I have only included the terms that I think are not acceptable to creatives. Do tell me what you think of them. The rest (not printed here) are normal T&C from greedy companies.
abridged-drivetribe-terms-and-policies-1 abridged-drivetribe-terms-and-policies-2

Whilst many of my professional colleagues have said that I am causing a stir over nothing, that it will just happen anyway, I can also say that since I have been discussing this, many people who are Tribe Leaders have neglected their tribes which, for me, does say something about the integrity and financial value of creativity.

Since my constant requests for rates of pay, T&C and Twitter comments,  I have been asked in an email directly from Ernesto Schmitt, to not upload anything to the site after all.

…Oh well, there goes my 5 minutes of fame…