Heavenly Feet

L1006464When I work on a photographic job I spend the whole day and possibly a few in a row, on my feet. My kit has always included my foot wear, waterproof outerwear along with my camera equipment. So a few years ago when I first tried a pair of Brasher boots, I realised that this brand was to be part of my kit …because it works, I can wear them and not have to worry about getting wet or not getting tired on my feet. This year is the same and I am wearing theBrasher Roam GTX.It is lightweight, waterproof and good looking so when Mr R and I went on a road trip to Monte Carlo in an Aston Martin Cygnet, he wore the Tour GTX and I wore the Roam GTX, we looked the part and could certainly walk the streets of Monaco for the whole weekend. Mr R said, “Monaco is just like Sheffield”. I do think he needed to continue the explanation with …”because there are so many steps and hills,” but I let him leave it there as I knew what he meant!