Helle Nice – for Heritage Insurance

I cannot tell you how excited I am that am recognised for my incessant passion for researching historic women racing drivers and pioneers. To be commissioned by Heritage Motor Insurance to write about these women  makes me so very happy, actually beyond happy, it makes me scream with delight that I can share with you some of these ladies that I have had in my heart for so many years.  We are working on the first 6 and then we’ll see what happens of course. I mean, I interview contemporary women for Frank magazine – which I adore so very much, but you know what – to delve into the archives of The London Library, Brooklands Museum, Royal Automobile Clubs in London and Paris and of course the VSCC archives….. I am in my element.  Properly in my element. Thank you Heritage Insurance for this opportunity to share with a wider audience some of these remarkable trailblazers. We began the series yesterday so poignant on International Women’s day.

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Yesterday was a good day.  A properly good day.

Enjoy and as always let me know what you think via my hiding place of Twitter or of course contact me on here.

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The article is below in ‘screengrab’ form… please go to the Heritage Insurance website to see it in all its glory, with large lovely photos and clear writing.