Vintage Sports Car Club for International Women’s Day 2021

What a blast to have been so busy for International Women’s Day 2021, first off I have for you here my interview with Tania from the Vintage Sports Car Club. I was to be part of the evening put on by the VSCC, of fabulous ladies, I was part of that! So honoured and delighted to be asked really.  Our video is about 30 mins long and I loved chatting, although I went off piste – well I always do, always.

There are whole load of other fabulous women on the page of heroes where, you can link to the texts, videos and chats. REALLY REALLY worth dipping into an assortment of names. They are all so individual and fascinating.

I really was so very honoured to be part of them.

Click the video above of course… Enjoy.

To find out more about some of the women we talk about, the below books might interest you

1. Nine Lives Plus: record breaking on land sea and in the Air by The Hon. Mrs Victor Bruce
2. The Woman and the Car: A chatty little handbook for all women who motor or who want to motor by Dorothy Levitt
3. Wayward Women: A Guide to Women Travellers by Jane Robinson
4. Fast Women: The Drivers who Changed the Face of Motor racing by John Bullock
5. Fast Ladies: female racing drivers 1888-1970 by jean-Francois Bouzanquet

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Lots of love