Leica Knows Snow



Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, February 2010

As part of my research for my forthcoming publication ‘Harris Tweed’  I was luckily able to use the Leica M9 to its limits. Although the book will mainly be shot using my Hasselblad film camera, I was not going to pass up the opportunity to keep putting the Leica M9 to good use. Snow, I think is notoriously a difficult scenic to capture and I was completely sceptical about shooting it on Digital. The true answers will be found when the images are printed using photographic paper, or published in magazines and books, however, the result I am seeing so far, far out-way my scepticism and I  thoroughly love the Leica M9.




Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, February 2010





I have a full report on the Leica M9 and the journey to Scotland coming soon.

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