Madame Junek for Virtual Bugatti Day

A conversation about Madame Junek
Lara Platman from the Bugatti Owners Club UK is joined by Jan Kralik from the Bugatti Club of the Czech Republic to talk about the life of Madame Junek. Lara says, “We talk a little about the wonderful life of Madame Junek and towards the end of the conversation I realised we only touched on a small part of her life so we will certainly make another conversation one day, I really want to know about the eight cars they owned, so whilst I do hope you enjoy this chat, I do hope you will join us again for part two another day”.

You can find Lara Platman at Twitter: @photofeature
You can find Jan Kralik at
Bugatti Owners Club
The feature was initiated and introduced by The Bugatti Trust as we are planning an Elisabeth Junek display for 2022.
A big thank you to Lara Platman and Jan Kralik for agreeing to this fascinating contribution.
*Kay Petre was 4 foot 10 inches – not 4 foot one as mentioned in video*