Here’s a thought that came to me whilst ploughing through my new bed side reading – The Twittersephere by 1261 people, after reeling through Selfie after Selfie, some hilarious – with just a glimpse of David Brent teeth or an anti – glamour image with hair in rollers which actually looked ironically totally glamorous, and then those that cause me to think here …

If this new phenomenon the Selfie is attracting 3 distinguished heads of state whilst a memorial service … a really rather important memorial service, and attracting the likes of Joey Essex  with Ed Miliband (was this to get back at David Cameron who posed with Barack Obama and the daughter-in-law of Neil Kinnock who happens to be our Prime Minister’s counterpart in Denmark, or Kim Kardashian to pose exacting that of a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor with head towel in a 1960’s vision, (Forgive me if you need to get Wikipedia out to see who all these people are).

Where does this leave the likes of Russell (what’s his name from the paparazzi agency Big Pictures) and all those trying to grasp at their own 15 minutes in the Daily Mail, Heat and often, Grazia magazines.

If the portrait is being taken by the person who is usually being papped – and therefore beating the pap to it- does this mean finally and I mean finally that leach of a business will dwindle and leave us all in peace?

Does this also mean that fame has gotten so UP itself that the ‘celebrity’ thinks that their own importance is – well of any importance at all.

This new fad is taking self-importance to a new limit. With Twitter paving the way for general rants, behavioural observations and blatant marketing has the Selfie been inaugurated into a trodden path of Andy Warhol’s ideology of the 15 minutes?

Does everyone really want to be famous?

What about the creativity of the world. Life’s humble and treasured, skilled and tortured?

What about the honest and sublime whose Selfie is of their craft not their façade?

I am beginning to think the world of the rich and famous are getting the leaches of paparazzi back at their own game and for that I applaud them however, for their pretence of self-importance – I pity them.

Just an observation