Spa 6 Hours

Well I have decided to have a sit down for an hour or so. I mean I do have to get ready for the 6 hours endurance later and all morning I have walked approximately a million kilometres. The weather here in Spa is completely gorgeous. The cars are basking in glorious sunshine and all of the spectators have all bought Spa  caps.

Earlier today, Sir Stirling Moss who drove the Osca FS372 in the Woodcote Trophy, as always and quite deservedly had a mountain of fans admiring him as he watched his racing partner Roger Earl. Other legends in the form of 4 wheels raced around this shortened circuit providing a glistening site in this sunshine high up in the forest of Spa.

So, as the 6 hours begins to step up a peg, the tension around the cars and their drivers mounts. Where to stand or sit for the press photographers and the crowds take their seats in the Grandstands. I think I will take two places, one being the pits at the beginning and near the end of the race and thoroughly magic hour to walk up to ‘ Double Gauche’, where, I hope to catch the pink skies and the cars as they come towards me from the almost hairpin at ‘Bruxelles’. Well I will either park myself there of ‘Eau Rouge’ , where the cars have the advantage of passing the absolute hairpin of ‘Source’ and travel with a slight wiggle to the very fast straight upwards towards the forest.

You see, decisions decisions have to be made. The circuit is rather large and movement around it is quite tricky.

Meanwhile, I write to say that I am on the hunt for my women drivers: so far in my mix and racing tomorrow in the ‘Motor Racing Legends Pre War Sports Car’ are: Mags Diffey in the Fraser Nash TT Rep, Jane Varley in the Aston Martin15/98 speed, Rachel Singer in the Bentley 3 ltr Blower, and Sue Derbyshire in the Morgan Super Aero ,3 wheeler . Quite a mix of young ladies in this Pre War race and certainly something that if this weekend is to go by shows that there is a new influx of women on the circuit.

So I leave you know as I must go and get my pitch for the start of the race.

Vroom Vroom