Street Photography Walks – London & Oxford  

S t r e e t   P h o t o g r a p h y    W a l k s  –  L o n d o n  &  O x f o r d  

Autumn is here and so is the rain along with the muted colours of the two cities. A perfect feast for your eyes and mind. Contact me for a one to one day in Oxford or London – your choice – at discounted price of £200.00 (personal tuition usually £50 / hour). This will include a welcome tea and coffee, but bring your own lunch or we can stop at a cafe for refreshments. All workshops start at 10.30 am and end at 16.00 pm.  Good walking shoes a must and remember the British weather.

I utterly adore walking around beautiful cities in the sunshine or rain and have chosen London and Oxford to create my photographic street walks. The architecture, people, cars in Chelsea, the atmosphere of history and cinematic stories – all stop me in my tracks. I have organised another set of walks that allow a mild 2 miles to take all day.

In London, we start at the Chelsea Arts Club on Old Church Street and walk all over Chelsea and the surrounding environments, back to either the Chelsea Arts Club or just, meander somewhere else, through some of London’s most gorgeous and ingenious architecture, there are photos waiting to happen, always with a good cup of tea at the end to discuss the day of photography.

In Oxford we start at the Bodleian Library Cafe  (Benugo) and then see where our lenses take us. Often peeping into College squares, mainly looking up at the spires, and squeaking through the hustling lanes full of students on Bicycles. We end up with a good cup of tea somewhere and discuss the day’s stolen scenes.

The street photography day is relaxed, a time to be at one with your camera.. and me! Contact me to arrange a day and then pay online to confirm.

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