Getting onto a train with a large suitcase, a bag of Tassotti Boxes and a Billingham camera bag along with computer and cables is, quite a precarious event, especially when the train is a fair distance away from the platform. ‘Mind the gap’ as heard so often at London’s Bank station could not be more appropriate here.

What in your world can you honestly say will wake you up to go and look at something? Perhaps a pair of running shoes, a long journey to break, or even a loved one beside you. But for me it is the confidence that what ever is put in front of me at 5.30 in the morning, armed with my Leica M9 and my Noctilux lens, I will be ready to see it.


billinghamHere I look at my collection of Billingham bags; 550, 225,Hadley Large, 335… I have acquired them over the years. Sometimes second hand camera kit comes in its own Billingham and I have simply collected them. On no account will I sell them on, they are my storage of kit and my uniform of duty.

I use them all at different times, well, the large bag stays at home and stores my spares. I need the ‘Billingham’ look for re-enactment jobs such as Goodwood Revival and  English Heritage Medieval days.