Sebastian Flight & the little rowing boat

My second week here at Church Cottage began with customising myself to the fragrant disregard for time keeping by Sebastian Flight, my adopted Cockerel. If I were to not have a mobile phone telling me the correct time, I would think that anytime other than 6.30am would be 6.30am (the time I assumed that Cockerels sounded their vocal chords). Still, I do live next to a church and at least I know what hour is is. Every hour.

The Leica and Hasselblad are firmly bedded in the Billingham, with a ThinkTank ‘Take Off’ waiting at the ready. The cameras are not going anywhere fast, as I am to sit here in the cottage writing the book, the Harris Tweed book that has taken my summer from me.

Meanwhile, I am starting a fitness regime that involves rowing and running. I have discovered a few fields that have easy foot paths and the river (at the end of my garden with a little boat) has a stretch, perfect for a gentle paddle up the Stour. Who needs a gym when nature is at your doorstep.

This cottage provided by the Hosking Houses Trust is perfect for writing and perhaps a novel might come from these fingers along with the factual publication I am awarded for. There are plenty of characters both here and back in my Bloomsbury shoebox that might make for a good read.


So I am off now, back to editing my Italian and Scottish photos along with starting this book. Thank you Sarah from the Hosking Houses Trust for such a sublime opportunity and of course Leica for making me appreciate 8gb of Venice.



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