VROOM VROOM … the morning after….

What a hoot was had last night at the Classic Car Club and Shoreditch House. Thank you to James from the Classic Car Club and Thomas from Shoreditch House, who pulled the event together.

The menu was delicious; I started off with a Jaguar Mrk2 which at first seemed like an oversized couch on wheels, I soon realised that I was solving crimes around Aldersgate which I thought was rather terrific seeing as then we could go off and see Uncle Monty with his blue eye shadow, next on my plate was a Merc SL450, gosh what a difference, the flat stream lined body compared to my glorious curves (of the MRK 2) glided round the streets with aplomb. Thank god I didn’t pay for the petrol on that beast as we were rubber necking the sprighty BMW Z3M and the Merc 300SL up Moorgate. Then for just desserts I sat shot gun in an E-Type, which, to my mind was the purest chocolate pudding ever tasted. The series 1.5 with its red leather interior was too tasty for my liking. Pitty about the rozzers up our arse on London Wall, when, we fancied a bit of the old vroom vroom, just like the Aston Vantage did a few laps earlier……. leaving a plume of catalytic combustions in its wake. Still the E type got us some looks and that’s what counts!

I didn’t see what all the hype was about for the Vauxhall…. VXR8, I suppose that’s a ‘drivers’ car…those in the know… but the Ferrari and the Audi all seemed to be getting attention. The Citreon DX (my fathers Dx number plate was OME 209L)…. that old classic (we had ours in 1977 and we had to take Shaky Stevens home in it one day from the Astoria Theatre where he was playing the middle Elvis .. in between Timothy Whitnall the younger, and PJ Proby, the older Elvis) where if you don’t wait for it…………… WAIT FOR IT…….. it doesn’t give you brakes or..suspension or near enough anything really… I was only seven but can remember sitting many times in the front with a very nice man!… so no, I wasn’t going to go shot gun in the DX, I am not seven anymore thank you.

Oh what a hoot we had and many many many smiles from happy CC and SH members. Alain de Cadenet and his motorbike racing friend rocked up on a one wheeled scooter from Kensington with a host of stories, which continued well into the night over at Shoreditch House, along with a naughty joke or two (there may have been more but they would have gone straight over my head…..I am a ‘Laady’….who used to learn tons of lude jokes on my car mechanics class, when I had my Morris and my mother used to wait patiently for me to get home and tell her all, whilst my father put his hands over his ears…but he was the one that made me service the cars?)…

Anyway all I can say is, “Thank you very much can we have some more please”.

Vroom Vroom Hoot hoot.