Early bird– Kodak PlaySport

What in your world can you honestly say will wake you up to go and look at something? Perhaps a pair of running shoes, a long journey to break, or even a loved one beside you. But for me it is the confidence that what ever is put in front of me at 5.30 in the morning, armed with my Leica M9 and my Noctilux lens, I will be ready to see it.


I have just returned from the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, where I was shooting for Scuderia Estense Motul. I thought it would be fun to document my journey with video. Something that I could forget about and just let roll whilst it was stuck to my shoulder. This did not quite happen but I did at least shoot some video and test out the PlaySport with some understanding of what it could do.  It is waterproof, it worked in extreme cold weather and we held in the snow for a long long time. It is easy to use, but I wonder how long the battery would last if I used it for extended periods of time.

The lens seemed to be quite vulnerable to me but in fact did indeed take a while to fog up in the snow. It came with a pouch which if I had not have put that safely away it would have been lost -when one is gallivanting around one does not usually take care of such things. The wrist strap was a godsend though, in the cold and wet weather the amount of times I nearly lost the thing. Below are some videos of my journey at the  Monte Carlo Rally …  Enjoy. I shall over time when I have learnt how to edit them, put some more up for you to see.

Monte Carlo Rally 2011–Monaco to Gap
Monte Carlo Rally 2011 –slick tyres