A Photographer’s Life – part two

I started a while ago a sort of a life of a photographer and the processes behind what goes into being a photographer. I wondered how regularly I would write here, perhaps there is no requirement for consistency.

This week I had the pleasure of tutoring a 17 year old who, is taking A’ Level Photography. His theme is ‘flight’ as luckily this young man is also learning to fly. Equipped with a digital camera of some sort he is taking photos and writing essays to support his work. I am excited because I am able to guide him towards my heroes of photography, that of Eadweard Muybridge, Man Ray and Jaques Henri Lartique all of whom utilised movement amongst their work.  So my student is writing essays of a nature that I would think are different to that of his classmates. Nonetheless, I am eager to see the book he has to create for his end result and this in turn has made me think about my own work.

Today for the first time, after I purchasing my Muhle wet closed shave razor and brush set months ago, I was able to use it as all my plastic razors had been spent and I was able to take the time today to learn how to use the more ecological razor. Very common for men to save their chins, but for ladies and their legs, not so. Alas, today I took the time out to give myself the dolphin look and whilst doing so, was able to think about my photographic practice.

It is crazy where and how a photographer reflects on their work and perhaps for me, the ‘spa’ moment was it. In fact, I used to have a bath in my home and in this cottage just a shower, so perhaps I long for the relaxation of water and self-healing and cleaning, to think about my everyday practice of photography.

I asked my student to keep a photographic diary, which he tells me he is doing so, and do I keep mine up, do I entertain my pages regularly? Not so much. I wonder if social media has taken the place of diary making in the photographic sense.  So today whilst shaving my legs I re-established my diary making, and this perhaps is one entry.

Goodwood Revival 2016 (Lara Platman/ Photofeature)

Katarina at Goodwood in 2018 waiting for her drive during the TT  race.

I took a delicious set of portraits this week of Katarina Kyvalova to be published in February. How long I have to wait to show the world my photographic images. Social Media tempts me to share the images – but then how would that work in the end? Pointless going in the magazine! And the mortgage would never get topped up. Patience as a photographer is now forever harder as the world rushes us to share and spill the beans. So as I shave my legs I will pretend I shared the photos, and you will just have to wait your turn.