Big Dance

Intoto_poster_1_copyOne of the delights of my  career is to photograph dance. From community workshops through to production and rehearsal shots for the Royal Ballet. Something that I will never stray from, despite my wonderful expeditions to Monte Carlo for Motor racing, or to the Outer Hebrides for Harris Tweed. Dance will always be inherent to my photographic practice. To capture something in flight, something that the eye simply cannot achieve by itself.

Intoto Dance Company

Today sees the launch of the Big Dance website, which looks wonderfully inviting. The dance festival has run every other year and long may it do so. It brings all dancing communities together and inspires families to take the plunge and Salsa on the high street, children to try Capoeira in shopping centres and fully fledged adults to dance in the middle of Trafalgar Square to tight choreography. What with all the TV dancing programs, we can all indeed dance and Big Dance festival helps us achieve this.

Big Dance

Now that Spring has sprung lets get dancing.