Today, for those of you who don’t know is International Dance Day, a day when the world sees bodies literally come out of the woodwork (or in my case the lavatory – more about that later). Sprightly young things around our globe were moving to the beat of the drum, twisting to their emotions and breathing on alternate pulses, so that we the unrelenting public could simply stand and stare. For some, today was an experience that they will never forget, a way of working in dance that in years to come they will appreciate  the interruptions and endless streams of children, and in the Museum Civico Bassano, the two hour sessions of improvisation repeated.

Leaving Amsterdam for Maastricht this morning I felt a sense of longing to return. Having only had one evening of the atmosphere of this eclectic city, I was happy to know that at least tomorrow I will have the canals and architecture in front of my lens.

I am off to Maastricht today to begin the Boxing Project, with the Nederlanse Dansdagen festival.

Intoto_poster_1_copyOne of the delights of my  career is to photograph dance. From community workshops through to production and rehearsal shots for the Royal Ballet. Something that I will never stray from, despite my wonderful expeditions to Monte Carlo for Motor racing, or to the Outer Hebrides for Harris Tweed. Dance will always be inherent to my photographic practice. To capture something in flight, something that the eye simply cannot achieve by itself.

Intoto Dance Company