Comments about my photography

I suppose I do like to hear about what people think about my work… so here are a few emails I have you can see what they say too!

On the Leica blog – re the Aston Martin road trip, fantastic story. I love the idea of the Monochrom, great to hear you enjoyed it, too. I’ve always seen frames in mono and this idea just chimes with me.
Hopefully see you soon!

Harry Billingham


I felt I must congratulate you on an impulse buy this morning, of a copy of Harris Tweed. It is both a beautiful and informative publication. You explained the remarkable process so well and being a tweed wearer myself, you have inspired me to consider taking a trip to the islands myself. Your book was such an unexpected delight and the photographs quite exquisite. Thank you.

Annabel Watts


Dear Lara,
I’ve had a look at your gallery from Spa and I want you to know that I think they are really, really beautiful. Rarely have I seen such evocative photos of one of our historic race meetings. Good work…….
……..All I know is that they are great photos. I’m so glad you decided at the last minute to hitch a lift to Spa!

Best Regards, Carol (Carol Spagg Managing Editor, Historic Motor Racing News)


Dear Lara,
As promised I wired into your website, partially out of inquisitiveness but really as a result of your passion for your chosen subject of diary photography. Your first cameo of Goodwood is an hors deurve of tastes. Wizzo Williams, Surtees,Tony Dron costume dresses, chocolate dribbles..its all there to remind us of the party to which Lord March invited us to join. Anyway, think the website is a shop of curiosity, you undoubtedly have great talent.



Dear Lara,
My name is Willem Kemper from Holland, and I´m just back from the Spa 6hours and your pictures are the best. It is a sheer master-class in photography (and the proof you need big apertures!)I found it hard conditions to make decent photos but you turned this into an advantage and created some of the most romantic and warm pictures I have ever seen in motoring. I am truly impressed. I’m just a amateur and can’t, photo-wise, even stand in the shadow of your right hand, but I want to learn and I’ve learned more from your website (well just a part of it, I´m working my way through your archives!) then I did in several workshops. So please regard my writings in the relevance of who is talking.
Met vriendelijke groet

Willem Kemper.


No one has posted anything yet and it’s the 3rd of January already – I saw plenty of people taking pics and I’m sure a couple must have been Members ! So I’ve resorted to scouring t’interweb and found a nice personal view of the day by Lara Platman on here : – news years gathering

Tim Morris
BTM Administrator