Farmers Bloodhound Meet

Bloodhound meet Old Farm Dorn

Often I get asked to take photographs because the person asking knows it will be a fabulous challenge for me. The Farmers Bloodhound Meet yesterday at Old Farm Dorn was indeed such a challenge. Properly spitty weather, yet my trusty Leica M and I, along with my 35mm f1.4 Summilux braved the wet and stood in a muddy field looking at the most gorgeous Bloodhounds. I thought I might quickly edit the photos over my lunch break today… however… this set needs a whole lot of loving and even the three I have here need to go back in the dark room (Lightroom) and get edited again.

Indeed this shoot was a challenge – both in the rain and now in the darkroom.

Well tomorrow’s lunch break will back to the edit.. rain and mud… and loads of luscious Bloodhounds…