Grand Prix de Monaco – Qualifying

Today on the circuit the cars were put through their paces during two rounds. Some of my favourites retired early so they can  be worked on to meet the demands of the race in the morning and some came a cropper.

This is short and brief as I shot over 600 photographs today and put the Leica M9 to some utterly arduous tasks.   Battery life on the Leica M9 is less than I had with the Nikon D100. I say that but I suppose I can not compare. The Nikon had a 2GB disc and the Leica an 8GB… so perhaps today I was simply shooting more.
But that today and of course being track-side has completely exhausted me.  Having cars come literally at you at 180MPH puts your adrenalin through its paces, where only a metal barrier separates you from the car four feet away.

Anyway I can now provide a full review of the Leica M9 and hopefully put an order in for a spare battery. Just one picture today as there are so many on the Website now.

As always I thank Leica for supporting me with the Leica M9.

7th Grand Prix Moanco Historique