Hide and seek in Maastricht

Working with choreographers for me, is always a treat. Admittedly, I was indeed a trifle worried though when our dinner was extending happily with even more chips and even more white chocolate and our little dancer Bart was to eat not only his dinner, but Luc, the Choreographer’s also! A growing lad indeed, but wow what a fabulous character: open and polite – not always found today.

With only about 45 minutes to spare, in a vast derelict fire station, I was to find photos to shoot for the exhibition in October at the inflatable structure here in Maastricht. Worried I need not be, the two of them (Luc and Bart) went off and started using the black structures. They played a very slow (I mean really slow) game of hide and seek .. well sort of!  within the first 20 seconds I was happy.

More fun followed and I realised why I was always happy to work with choreographers, you really and truly have NO IDEA what is going to happen next.

Please see: Boxing Maastricht to see what it is all about.  I often thank my kit, but my gosh on this occasion I really thank my Leica Noctilux lens for making my life so much fun.

One more couple tomorrow in Rotterdam.