Photographing the Lavender Fields with Lara Platman

I have planned a very special day to share with you at the Cotswolds Lavender Fields in Snowshill. Learn how to take better photos with me in July when the lavender will be in full bloom. Please click here for a limited amount of tickets.

The day will involve how to get the best out of your camera and the lavender fields.

You will need to have a digital camera which has manual settings for aperture and shutter speed. Fully charged battery (and spare battery if possible) empty SD card. You do not necessarily need a tripod.

Lunch will be at 1.00pm for 30 minutes

There is a café on site or you are welcome to bring a pack lunch

Moreton in Marsh is the nearest train station. There is a free car park on site.

This photographic session is rain or shine – so bring with you suitable clothing for a day outside in all weather. Sun block is necessary as the hills are very open. Even on a cloudy day the sun is powerful. A packable raincoat is also necessary. Good walking shoes as there is a lot of field to cover.

The cost per person includes entry to Lavender fields £25 / person for full day entry. I will organise in advance a pass for each person. The pass gives you access to the main public field between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Please click here for a limited amount of tickets.

I will include within the day:

  • Get to know your camera and use it in a technically competent visually interesting way
  • Composing a photograph creatively
  • Learn about shutter speed, aperture, light and outdoor photography
  • Photography as a form of creative self-expression
  • Working on location
  • Photographing in public places
  • Your rights as a photographer in public spaces
  • Looking closely at a Lavender plant
  • Looking at the whole Lavender field
  • Photographing people
  • Picture editing

If it is raining the day may be shortened because it is genuinely hard work shooting in the rain all day but the effects can be amazing. Bring an umbrella where we can pair up and hold it for each other.

If it is cloudy the lavender fields are just as delightful.

If it is sunny we are laughing all day long as long as we have sunblock and sun protection.

Please click here for a limited amount of tickets.

Come rain come shine we will be there enjoying the smell and colour of the lavender fields.

Cotswold Lavender Fields