The Fordwater Trophy at Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival is probably one of the most exhilarating race weekends of the year for me, because not only do we have really intense motor racing we also have delicious theatre and those two things combined makes me extremely happy.

I was brought up on theatre and my first photographic jobs was as a theatre and dance photographer, so when Country Life magazine sent me to Goodwood Revival in 1998 to photograph the theatre for an editorial story, you can imagine how my heart and soul totally melted. In fact, it was this event that began my love of motorsport.

Last year, after attending the event for over 23 years, I decided to create a story about the first fully sustainable fuelled race at Goodwood, the Fordwater Trophy, a race with Porsche 911 cars.

This year history will be made at the  Goodwood Revival meeting racing with entirely with sustainable fuels. This will be among the very first historic racing events to be run exclusively on sustainable fuel, an important landmark for both Goodwood and the wider motorsport community.

Just as the Goodwood website says, “A move to sustainable fuels is the only way to secure the future of historic racing.”

I think this a brilliant way forward to keep our passion alive. Not only does Historic racing keep an important part of history alive, but it keeps so many people in employment. I think that so many mechanics and restorers are kept in full time employment from historic racing. The younger generation are introduced to mechanics, which is a fabulous way to keep skills and crafts functioning in today’s computer age.

Goodwood website continues, “The Fordwater Trophy for pre-1966 Porsche 911s was a huge success, yet only the first step in Goodwood’s trailblazing mission.”

The results of this bumper to bumper race were:
1st Place: Andrew Jordon and Matthew Holme  in car 9 with a fastest lap of 91.96mph

2nd Place: James Thorpe and Phil Quaife in car 99

3rd place: William Paul and Rory Butcher in car 73

From 2024, the Goodwood Revival will race exclusively on sustainable fuel, in what will be a landmark moment for historic motorsport.  Competitors will be required to use fuel with a minimum of 70 per cent sustainable components, in what is the latest initiative as part of Goodwood’s Revive & Thrive ethos. This is a major step on the path to ensuring the future of historic motorsport.

Goodwood website continues, “Sebastian Vettel, who headlined the Festival in 2023 with his Williams FW14B and McLaren MP4/8, said: “It was clear to me at the Festival of Speed that the team at Goodwood share my love of motor racing. I enjoyed sharing my ‘Race Without Trace’ initiative with the fans at the Festival of Speed and having the opportunity to show that sustainable fuels are a fantastic way to ensure a possible future pathway for the sport that we love. It’s great that Goodwood is leading the way in promoting the use of sustainable fuels at historic racing events.”

The Duke of Richmond, founder of the Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival, said: “Goodwood has an illustrious motorsport history and one which we are delighted to continue with the announcement that at next year’s Revival, all of our races will run on sustainable fuel. I am proud that we are the first to be mandating the use of sustainable fuels at the event, and would like to thank all of the participating owners, drivers and preparers for their support.”

I cannot wait for the Goodwood Revival in 2024 where I will bringing my father for an accessibility story,  I researched the flat grounds, ramps and easy to access areas for wheelchair users and I think it is time my father experienced this fabulous event.

I hope to see you there too.
With Love

All photographs taken with the Leica Camera M10P