World Dance Day



On the occasion of World Dance Day April 29 2012 contemporary dance returns to live in the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa. It is my home from home, I will be there helping the town take photographs of the dancers perform throughout the day. The initiative is organised in collaboration with a network of local dance teachers, which will involve many extraordinary young dancers, with their award finalist Young Dance Veneto 2012. The dancers, as works of art on display, the time to challenge oneself available to the public, crossing the charming rooms of the Museum, you can choose to paint, photograph or be inspired by the choreography of the dancers leaving a tangible symbol: a drawing, a photo, a written or anything else that could be printed on paper. The dance will last all day without interruption, defying a metaphoric concept of time as did the dancers impressed the precious collection of ancient Chinese vases survived through the centuries. On the occasion of World Day of dance you will be able to admire the dance scenes painted and engraved on pottery vases of valuable, tangible sign of the value assigned, accepted and recognized the choreography from older societies.

Seriously… hop on a plane, get over to Venice and pop up to Bassano del Grappa, it will be a blast!

Durational Dance in Museo
Domenica 29 aprile 2012 dalle H 10.00 alle H 19.00

29 aprile 2012, dalle ore 10.00 alle 19.00

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