Andre Lotterer – Le Mans 24hour

LRFOSFri201135_thumb.jpgAfternoon Tea in the Black Rock Drivers Club at Festival of Speed is quintessentially a British affair, loaded with a with Victoria Sponge cake and a good pot of Earl Grey, I caught up for a sneaky brew with Andre Lotterer, Lemans 24hr 2011 Winner in the Audi, coming in just 13 seconds ahead of Pagenaud’s Peugeot. Whilst I was totally in awe of seeing Andre I knew I had to ask him a few questions.

Lara: Andre, congratulations on the fantastic win at Lemans. What one thing do you think of when you think of this race?
Andre: Pure racing from the first minute to the last, that’s how racing ought to be.
Lara: I lost my voice during your race, screaming at the television, I still have a sore throat, it was totally action packed with the horrific crashes and the fabulous pit lane action, the Audi is so strong?
Andre: The limit of man, machine, tyres, technology, fuel, it was such a great challenge, we were totally on the edge the whole time.
Lara: Is this your first time to Goodwood?
Andre: Yes, after my win they invited me and I was so pleased I jumped at the chance to be here
Lara: What is your favourite so far?
Andre: Just walking around and seeing the cars and drivers. It is such a great atmosphere.
Lara: Where you racing next then?
Andre: In Japan at Fuji Speedway, Formula Nippon on the 16-17 July
Lara: I need to see that race is it possible?
Andre: Yes come to Japan!
Tea and cake over and back to the Photography world. As seen in