B Motion festival – day 4

Diary of Lara Platman from Sunday 30th August 2009 from B Motion Blog

This is my last diary entry for the B Motion festival. I do hope that you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on the performances. For those of you, who have not yet began to read my entries, please scroll down all the way to B Motion festival – day 0 when I arrived via Ryan Air……. 4 days ago and start from there. I have tried to report on all of the performances I have seen, however, time writing, time watching and time socialising all adds up and you know how it is! So I do apologise if I have missed out a performance or two.

Today I come into the office, the day after the Back to the 80’s black party. Void of any activity apart from Rosario clearing the last of the debris left over. I think we all had a great little boogie to what tunes that I thought that I would never dance to! Thank you Jacopo and Fabio H….especially for your stripping down for the YMCA. FWARRR!

Meanwhile I write about a performance on Saturday 28th August 2009

Everything that happens here, happens here today: Today we will changeTabea Martin & Lucy Cash

I am sad that our ‘six o’clock’ will be over tonight, but last night’s ‘Make of us what you will’ was a superb sensitive piece, although still in the same vain as the previous nights of work, but this was very touching and on a much calmer level. The audience had grown to respect and trust Tabea and Lucy and visa versa. This piece had grown from an accumulation of the previous works, from the initial entry of the duo sharing with the audience family photographs and diaries, to a party where everyone was invited to a roaring ecstatic energy, which was highly contagious to this, last night’s quiet zone.

Let me set the scene: An entrance foyer on the first floor, still with polystyrene debris, and entering the party room, still with remains of the party I might add, now strung with washing lines where clothes, scarves, bras, knickers, coats, material and so forth hang like a completely hap hazard boudoir, then at the far end of the room, where once the audience (guests of the party) sat, now sit Tabea and Lucy, in their underwear. In front of them an array of makeup, hair products, wigs and the like. And a sign behind “Make of us what you will”.

The confidence that has grown between these two parties (the duo and the audience) is such that we are almost so refined in the way that we approach their bodies to adorn them with the makeup and clothing. Great great thought on every application. The make up being inscribed on their bodies is drawn with such delicacy and not restraint, but with such honesty and dedication. We want to make them look beautiful, we want to make them feel beautiful, and we want to take care of them.

The confidence that has grown between these two parties is such that really have become part of our family and we part of theirs. And with that grows a love.

This series of aperitif performances has an audience both from Bassano and the festival. It is a shear test of how integration, acceptance and honesty work. Tabea tells me that although she has been working on this concept for some time, this is the first time the duo have actualised it. Their parameters are firmly set, with openness for any eventuality. Their trust in the audience is implicit for making this series of improvisations work.

I cannot wait for this evening to see what is in store for us but I do know that we will be in for a treat.

Thank you Tabea and Lucy for such a delightful six o’clock, something that I hope my diary will help us all to remember.

Now, I am off to paint by the river and shall not be reporting from B Motion again….. Until next year



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