Movement = change

Diary of Lara Platman for Friday 28th August 2009  for the B Motion Blog

Round Table Discussions– Movement is Change

So today at the Round table discussions there were not any artists to discuss with so the B Motion gang decided to play a game. How can we define MOVEMENT?

…difference state of stillness – tension – non representation – wind – life- freedom – reaction – non description – energy – change – sensing of difference – (non) democratic – resisting force – time into space – contact with space – first impulse of exploring and learning – difference of stillness – resistance …………..

The discussion lasted a while, many many …..many words to define movement later, we decided that we were going to ignore the vital theories of Aristotle and go with: MOVEMENT IS CHANGE.

So there we have it.

*******************THE DEFIFINITION OF MOVEMENT IS CHANGE**************************

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