Being good is easy

I can quite honestly say that in the past week I have turned nearly all of my lifestyle product choices around. I mean with the products I purchase to make my body feel and look as good as I want to feel and look.

Although I have been an avid fan of Neals Yard Remedies nearly all of my adult life, I welcome all the other birthday gifts that my friends give me – which I must say are always on the good side of nature anyway, I do sometimes crave for the TV advertised product – such as the Olay Regenerist Luminouse brightening moisturiser and eye swirl – which stupidly I thought would make a difference.

Only when I googled the product did I see that it is tested on animals and contains Parobens and other ghastly ingredients –  a concept very alien to me – so why oh why did I think that it would work and would I want it on my skin? (promptly sent it off to my mother who likes that stuff).

I spend half my life covered in a paroben’d barrier cream or lemon scrub Swarfega. I end up taking showers using washing up liquid to remove the oil from working with my Land Rover – Really, I wanted to make my lifestyle product choices work better with the environment, animal welfare and health options, so I started researching what works, what actually works.

Literally from top to toe I have almost done it. Missing out on teeth though, I daren’t see if my favourite toothpaste is tested on animals – I have no fillings and I think it is has to be partly due to my long-term toothpaste choice.

Avoiding the teeth, my hair dye is now free from animal testing, Amonia, Resorcinol, Parebens, DEA, silcones, paraffin, heavy metals, formaldehyde derivatives, artificial fragrances and mineral oils (which actually, there is no proof of mineral oils being bad though) – so why do other commercial hair dyes use all this stuff if Naturtint  don’t see the need for it – and my hair coloured brilliantly.

Moisturiser – wait have I lost the blokes in this blog post? I wonder what motoring effort I can include – oh yes I have some – bare with me boys!  Moisturiser…. with an SPF, I became obsessed this week with finding a natural moisturiser with an SPF that was not too expensive – a hard task that one.

Found some: Forever Living Aloe sunscreen SPF30, Antipodes Immortal Moisturiser SPF15 and Luzern La Defense SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen all good to animals, no parobens (Forever does have parobens) and no other junk.. Sadly Neals Yard Remedies texture on their rose moisturiser with SPF wasn’t to my taste,  (but I still love NYR) from £11.00 – £40.00.

And Sarah from my local farm (Old Farm Dorn) asked if I could find a cheap cheap every day chuck it on and go moisturiser with SPF and I did I found NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15 £4.99. (Nivea do not test on animals in the EU but in China they are allowed to – but they say they choose not to wherever possible).

Next week I am going to work on my food intake. The question of how to stop eating Tunnocks, donuts and Battenberg cakes – if this is at all possible…

So blokes? what is there for you in this………. nothing really except, isn’t it lovely that I have provided you with some gift choices for your lady friends! I lied about the motoring section. Sorry.