L1007376.jpgLadies and Gentleman, before I start editing all my photos from the road trip to the South of France in the Aston Martin Cygnet, I thought I would show you a link or two to my Grand Prix de Monaco Historic 2012 gallery and allow you to listen to my vantage point at Rascas, a truly fabulous bend on the Formula 1 circuit.

Click on the photo on the left to see the gallery and Click the video below to hear the sounds at Rascas.

Articles in Classic Car magazine, Huffington Post and some photos on the Octane magazine blog soon to come.

It is not every day that one has to decide which lens to prepare for a ride high above the capital, which aperture to think about and which view below you most want to capture, but for me today was a particularly enjoyable decision to be made. Settling on a wide angle and f16 I knew I would be perfectly fine. I would be happy to see any of John Betjeman’s story below me and try to steal a little of it.