Classic Vehicle Restoration Show

Taking my Papa for a rainy day out at the Classic Vehicle Restoration Show in Shepton Mallet was a highlight of my week! Spending time with my friend who has tried to avoid remembering how many cars he either bashed into or had bashed into him during the 60’s, 70’s or broke down in the early 80’s was all brought back to him in the Classic Vehicle car park. Without thunder and lightening, this was not like the time we went on an outing to the Luna Cinema at Blenheim Palace for his birthday – with thunder and lightening, no, the treat for my father today had stepped up a peg complete with an eggy drippy drip roll and countless hours of waiting for me to stop talking to people, oh my Papa had a real jolly day out with me!

It was however fun, after all, one car boot is much the same as another we agreed and he loves Car Boots and markets.

Lovely to see the Taunton Motorcycle Club share their restorations with brief descriptions and see some of my favourite book sellers too. I bought a plastic syringe to top up the gearbox oil in Big Red and a tyre pressure gauge for my air compressor. Big spending indeed. Sweet show and jolly pleased I won a pair of tickets from Autoclassics to visit.

On every year, so if you live nearer than two hours away, it’s rather fun.

Below are my Huawei P20 Pro telephone photos from my rainy day jolly with my Papa. Enjoy x