Isles FM – Harris Tweed interview

Today on my travels around The Outer Hebrides, (for BBC Woman’s Hour), I was invited as a guest on the Drive Time radio program at Isles FM.  Armed with my Harris Tweed book I went to visit the team at the radio station to have my first EVER live radio interview.

I remember the casual chats that Richard Bacon holds during his radio shows and imagined it would be just like them, so at ease I sat at the corner of the desk opposite the presenter ready for my 5 minutes of fame.

Danny Mitzman, my ‘personal’ radio coach in the room with me videoing my every movement, said “La, you will be great”.

And so it began.

“Hello” I said in my James May kind of way ….and off I went, happy as Larry.

I am currently trying to figure out how to get my 5 minutes onto this blog (it’s an MP3 and if anyone knows how to do this please do tell me).