Harris Tweed and the light

Today is my last day on the  BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Harris Tweed tour with Dany Mitzman. From what started out to be a ghastly rainy day, the sun broke through and we had what I think was probably one of the most beautiful in terms of weather (and people we met), that I have encountered up here. Dany and I went to the two mills and showed the book, interviewed Anna Macallum the Chief Executive of the Carloway mill and then went over to Tarbert to see Catherine Campbell, great niece to Margaret Campbell and daughter to Katy, who appeared in the book. I am so terribly sad to hear that Katy passed away in January and so happy to hear that Catherine is really keeping the family business fluid.

After visiting an independent silk, linen and wool weaver called Sheila,  in Scalpay, we headed back up north past the Callanish stones for sunset. WHAT A SUNSET. W H A T  A  S U N S E T.

Then re visited the Blue Pig to see Jane and Peter, then back to Norman and Irene, who called the police because we were so late back.

Note to hosts: “If Lara has a sunset to catch, Lara will forget all sense of time and chase the sunset, wait for a sunset, sit and freeze to see the sunset, play out with the Leica for sunset and all things as such… please do not worry, if the sun is setting Lara will be there looking at it”.

It just so happened that Sunset is late up here in the Outer Hebrides.

Alas, I am off back to London in the morning and will have to dream of coming back up soon. The Outer Hebrides are a magical place. I will enjoy coming back.



Without too much internet connection here, I shall post up a video , sound and photos when I return to London.