The magic that is Leica

*****WARNING***** – This is a short technical report.

I have just downloaded from my Leica M9 to the computer the jpegs and raw files shot at Spa. I chose to shoot black and white so dedicated the camera and set up the intricacies of the camera for this. Where the Jpegs contain a considerable amount of greys, whites and blacks in the black and white image, allowing a full spectrum of the tonal range to be shown. The raw files however contain colour: very very obscure colour and completely far removed from any natural approach there may be…….. or so I think. I must admit, the night time shooting at Spa was terribly difficult to see and these colours are of an essence of Kodachrome and 1970’s old film stock. Was this the colour, the real colour at Spa in the evening race?

On some it works and on other it does not.

Here to my amazement are a few that have worked.

Spa6Hrs2010Platman (89c) Spa 6 Hours 

Spa6Hrs2010Platman (109c) Spa 6 Hours

Spa6Hrs2010Platman (150c) Spa 6 Hours

Spa6Hrs2010Platman (151c) Spa 6 Hours

They remind me of a film set. The images have a sublime tonal range to them. All of a sudden I feel like I have discovered something so precious and quite honestly did not know the camera would do.. (I do realise that if I had read the manual in January I may have discovered this quite some time ago).


…..End of Technical report