Boxing Project – Bassano & Maastricht

card boxing1

Today Bassano was exposed to the Boxing Project  in the Palazzo Bonaguro, Bassano del Grappa, part of the BMotion festival organised by Operaestate in the Veneto region, Italy. This multicultural intergenerational project looks at the inclusion of migrated communities within a region.

At the exhibition opening were a radio recorder and two television stations, so hopefully I will be able to post up the MP4’s of their recordings, along with some newspaper journalists, we had the honour of receiving the Cultural minister for the Veneto region and Mrs Tassotti who kindly donated all the boxes and diaries. The Leica store in London’s Mayfair is fabulously supporting the project with the D Lux 5 camera and the project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

Tomorrow I travel to Maastricht where, I begin a 5 day exploration of working with couples within the dance industry which will culminate in an exhibition in October for the Nederlanse Dansdagen Maastricht 2011 (7-9 October). This portion of the Boxing Project will look at different ways of dance choreography, using the results from the project to include within the research detail of the performances. For me there are some rather exciting challenges ahead: for example how to exhibit photographs in an inflatable domed theatre, and how to get my photographs out on to the streets of Maastricht. In November the Boxing Project reaches London. Check back here in October to see what I decided to do with my inflatable gallery space and November for the London edition.

Please take a look at the Boxing Project for further information.